news 20180316Today, while there is room for improvements at the Regional and National level the Children's Mashramani committee today wrapped up their activities with a working interface with Regional Education Districts representatives. Leading the team was Ms. Lorraine Barker-King of the Ministry of Education's Unit of Allied Arts.

She concluded that there were improvements in a number of areas including participation and quality of presentations from the school children and other organizations for Mashramani 2018.
Further, Ms. King encouraged the Regional Coordinators to commence planning for even smoother regional activities/competitions. She added that her Allied Arts Unit is working to see more improvements for 2019.
Ms. Barker-King, the Administrator of the Unit today noted, "This year's performance proved that competitions are getting better...markedly improved. However, we will have no excuses for 2019 because the National theme is already known. That theme launched by the Ministry of Social Cohesion Department of Culture, youth and sports' is "Celebrate Mash 49 with victory in mind”.news 20180316 1
After listening to and commending the regions Ms. Barker King encouraged the Regional Coordinators to start preparing given that one-year notice has been issued. In addition to executing the National Children Mashramani Competition this year, the Unit of Allied Arts also supported the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport, for a more successful execution of the Child Art competition as well as the Republic of Guyana essay competition.
While districts 5,6,7 and Georgetown competed in this category this year, the hope is that all regions are engaged to encourage more creativity and participation from schools to be afforded equal and timely opportunity in the Child Art and other competitions. "Moving forward, we will have to ensure that we make arrangements for the children from all education districts to be afforded equal opportunity."
Ms. Barker-King noted too that this is the first time in a while that we are out of the blocks with an early theme and as such the regional groups are without excuse as the time is much more for planning, coordinating and execution for an even more successful and quality event.