news 20180329The Ministry of Education, Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET), on Thursday hosted a retreat at the Cara Lodge Hotel for its staff to address issues within the programme.

Held under the theme “Strategic thinking for improved delivery of Competency Based Training (CBET) programmes in Guyana” the all-day retreat will see staff conducting a SWOT analysis on the CBET Programmes in Guyana, group brainstorming sessions, and action plan development.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry described the retreat as long overdue since the CTVET Act was implemented back in 2006. The minister commended the council for recognising the need for growth and strengthening of the programme.

“I applaud you for your bravery and for understanding and embracing the opportunity to champion the need for a much-needed change, which I believe is required if we are to address and face the increasing demands, for the training that Guyana needs to emerge as a viable nation of the 21st century,” Minister Henry said.

She expressed optimism that the retreat will provide a roadmap and action plan for the Council; enabling it to cater to the wider community, including all internal stakeholders, the private sector and employers of industries, training institutions and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) involved in providing skills training programmes.

In light of new and emerging industries, Minister Henry said, “I believe you have to strengthen training strategies, to guarantee the future-proofing of the Guyanese workforce in the emerging oil and gas industries”.

She stressed the critical role the council plays in Guyana’s future development and noted that the reports stemming out of the retreat will address the issues hindering the growth of the programme and provide the opportunities that will aid in determining the way forward for the country.

Meanwhile, CTVET Councillor, Archibald Clifton explained that the exercise aims to help the Council to understand its growth over the years and to counteract ways to prevent future setbacks. news 20180329 1Clifton noted that the retreat also aims to improve and maintain standards set by the Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies (CANTA).

The function of the Council of TVET is required to develop and initiate the implementation of policies; establish standards to meet national, regional and international requirements and monitor the performance of both formal and non-formal Post-Secondary TVET Systems, among others.