news 20180329 5In keeping with the culture of the Easter Holiday, Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry today visited several schools in the Georgetown area to distribute a number of kites for the Easter Holiday to unsuspecting students finishing their National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

Minister Henry shared kite flying safety tips and delivered warm Easter Greetings to the students. “Have a safe, wonderful and well-deserved Easter holiday break. Fly your kites safely away from wires and trees and be safe this holiday.”

The activity saw scores of delighted students from St Agnes Primary School, F.E. Pollard Primary School, and Rama Krishna 20180329 6

When asked about the kite sharing initiative, the minister said “today is the last day for the Grade Six Assessment, and so we wanted the children to feel as though now that they have that out of the way, they can go out and have some fun and also do it in a safe space. Of course, it’s that time of the year when we are observing Easter and so why not a kite? Let them fly the kites high and hope that they too may be able to soar to greater heights.”

Chief Education Officer (CEO), Marcel Hutson, also present at the exercise, helped to distribute the 300 kites to the elated students.

He noted that he is most excited to see how cheerful the children were about the exercise.