news 20180328 3As the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) 2018 begins, Minister of Education Hon. Nicolette Henry and Chief Education Officer (CEO) Mr. Marcel Hutson visited Rama Krishna, North Georgetown and St Margret’s Primary Schools to give support to the children sitting the two-day examination. 

During her interface with the children, parents, and teachers before the commencement of the examination, Minister Henry said that she was aware that it was a significant day for them (children) and she was confident that they will do well, making their parents and teachers proud. news 20180328 1
Further, Minister noted that significant efforts and resources have been expended to ensure that improved results are achieved, and she extended good luck to the children.
Chief Education Officer Mr. Marcel Hutson endorsed the sentiments of the Minister of Education and encouraged the children to relax, read the questions carefully and then answer. A former teacher himself, the CEO advised the children to move onto the next question if they encounter difficulties in proffering an answer to a question. news 20180328 4
National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) is written yearly and is the examination that dictates which secondary school a child will attend after completing their primary education. The four subjects that the assessment covers are Mathematics, Science, Social-Studies and English Language. The examination concludes tomorrow with 14,551 children recorded to sit the two-day exercise.