news 20180329 10The Minister of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry today stressed how important it is for the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) to include in its work plan, in a very meaningful way, the opportunity to nurture and develop soft skills. 

“I trust that you will use your energy and your expertise in that area. That is a much needed inclusion which I believe, if properly harnessed, can improve operational efficiency and efficacy of this important sector.”
This was posited at the CTVET’s Retreat held today at the Cara Lodge under the theme: “Strategic thinking for improved delivery of Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) programmes in Guyana.”
Minister Henry stressed also the increasing importance of the CTVET to enable Guyana to take its new place in the world. news 20180329 12
“I trust that this retreat will give you the roadmap and action plans to be able to reach out to the wider community, including: internal stakeholders, the private sector and the employers of industries, other training institutions, government agencies and NGO’s who are involved in providing training skills and work force development.”
She went on to say that training programmes need to be developed to cater for the new emerging industries and skill areas that Guyana’s workforce is waiting to join. “From increased skills and qualifications in the expanding agriculture sector in mechanised farming to eco-tourism management and training strategies to guarantee the future proofing of the Guyanese work force in the emerging oil and gas industries.”
Minister applauded the members of the CTVET for their bravery, for understanding and embracing the change that needs to happen so that they can face the increasing demands for training that Guyana needs to emerge as a viable nation of the twenty-first century.
Meanwhile, CTVET Councillor, Mr. Archibald Clifton explained the Aim of the 20180329 11 During his presentation, he said that there are 17 specific functions of the Council, such as to Monitor the Technical and Vocational education and training of apprentices, to establish national training standards and performance testing, to approve Registered Training Organisations as Supervising Registered Training Organisations and to monitor all registered technical institutes and other tertiary institutions and regulate their facilities.
He said that some of the major areas for consideration at the retreat is the staffing complement of the CTVET, the vulnerability of the CTVET due to increase demand for its services and how CTVET intends to meet the demand for an increase in the services provided.
Chairman of CTVET, Mr. Clinton Williams said that the stigma that is attached to Technical and Vocational Education is being addressed with the empowerment phenomena which is being promoted through entrepreneurship. news 20180329 13
He added that work needs to be done to substantially improve the role of private and public sectors in advancing the role of TVET. Mr. Williams said too, that TVET needs to be strengthened its relationship with regional and global partners.
news 20180329 14Mr. Jerry Simpson, Senior TVET Officer of CTVET gave an overview of the Council for TVET. Among other matters raised, he said that in 2015 467 National Vocational Certificates, 521 in 2016 and 475 Caribbean Vocational Certificates and 151 National Vocational Certificates.