Today, the Chief Planning Officer of the Ministry of Education, Ms. Nicola Johnson participated in a webinar convened by the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to address future Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Education Data Systems software.


During her presentation, Ms. Johnson said that an EMIS system within the Ministry will revolutionize the delivery of education in Guyana. She said that capacity building is an important part of the successful rollout of the programme and policy. She said, “We need to build the capacity of teachers to utilize this system and understand how it will serve them.”
According to Ms. Johnson, the data collected by the EMIS can be used to inform decision making. She said that the issue of capacity building is currently being addressed since the Ministry is in the process of conducting an organization audit which will highlight what are the needs that exist.
The Education Management Information System Community of Practice was launched in February 2022 and established three working groups to address specific aspects of EMIS development. Ms. Johnson is a member of Working Group Three which met today. Working Group Three is tasked to focus on the assessment of capacity development gaps and emerging needs.
The EMIS software is intended to improve information management and efficiency in schools. The software will enable teachers and policymakers to efficiently manage the sector data and take effective measures to address key sector issues.