The Ministry of Education has now made public the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) results for every primary school in Guyana over the last four years, as part of its plan for improved quality education and greater accountability.

Our stakeholders in education including parents and teachers could now access this information for the first time in the country's history. The public can now access the performance of all primary schools in Guyana at the NGSA via the Ministry of Education's website. Currently, information is available for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, but the site will be populated with data from other 20211027
The information can be obtained by school (public, private), by region, by locale (coastal, hinterland, riverine) and by gender. This means that educators and researchers can now assess the performance of schools and implement necessary steps to improve or maintain the quality of education in a particular school or region. Additionally, parents can now review the performance of any primary school in Guyana and be fully informed and engaged in their children's educational pursuits.
This open and transparent system will provide all stakeholders in the education sector with access to the examination's statistics for each school. This bodes well for the sector's development because programs can be designed and actions can be taken to build on what is already in place in terms of education delivery, thereby improving the sector's overall performance.
The online reports show the percentage of students who achieve 50 per cent (30 marks) or higher in each subject area (Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science). This information is graphically represented so that all stakeholders can understand it. This move by the Ministry of Education augurs well for accountability because parents and other stakeholders will have access to such information on a public platform.
Additionally, it is expected that all Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) results will be added over the next few weeks.
The Ministry of Education is proud of this moment in the sector’s history and looks forward to the information being used constructively so that strategies can be developed to improve performance by students in schools countrywide.
This is how you can access the information:
Step 1: Visit the Ministry of Education’s website
Step 2: Click on the "More" tab on the homepage
Step 3: Select “Grade Six Reports”
Step 3: Select the school you are interested in reviewing. A school can be reviewed by each gender or using the entire student population. Schools can also be viewed by Region, whether they are on the coast or located in the hinterland.