The Council for Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) convened a Green State Development Strategy and ILO Just Transition to Green Economy workshop today for Heads and Deputies of TVET institutions at the National Racquet Centre, Woolford Avenue.

The purpose of the workshop is to brainstorm ways in which TVET training needs to adapt to the changes occurring in the global and local economy which are focused on green and sustainable development.

ILO Specialist, Dr. Hassan Ndahi said that the aims of the ILO which was founded in 1919, is to promote the right to work, decent employment, enhanced social protection and strengthened dialogue on work-related 20180520 1

He said that the ILO operates using a tripartite structure which involves employers, government and the workers. He said that dealing with societal issues has become more relevant today given the global development framework of the green and sustainable development of the economy.

“TVET plays an important role in helping make transitions to low carbon economic resilience. It is carried out through the traditional role that we know for many years of preparing individuals for the workplace.”news 20180520 4

He said that this traditional role is facing new expectations of adapting to emerging occupations. “As we know, because of changes in technology that is drawing a lot of the jobs that we do, there are new occupations that are emerging.”

Dr. Ndahi told the Principals of the TVET institutions that this change means that they must make changes to drive the process within their institutions and communities where vocational education is also delivered.

The objectives of the workshop he said, is to share information on the background of the Guyana Green State Development Strategy, understand the definition of green skills, discuss the drivers and barriers to green skills and jobs, discuss the opportunities and challenges for green occupations, discuss and share information on programme and curricula development and to discuss the ILO guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies.

Chairperson of CTVET, Mr. Jerry Simpson said that “greening” Guyana is similar to “greening” TVET since TVET is responsible for training persons to gain employment. news 20180520 3He said that the Council for TVET is standards driven and is working to ensure that all training satisfy international standards. He commended the work of the Council for being accredited and being able to issue the Caribbean Vocational Qualification certificate.

Moreover, Minister of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry said that the Government of Guyana is currently finalising its Green State Development Strategy (GSDS).

She said that this strategy will guide Guyana’s economic and sociocultural development over the next 15 years. According to Minister Henry, the GSDS will provide a roadmap for achieving sustainable development goals and related 20180520 2

“The objective of this long-term strategy will re-orient and diversify Guyana’s economy, reducing reliance on traditional sectors and opening up new sustainable business models, income streams and investment opportunities providing an alternative opportunity for all Guyanese.”

Minister Henry told the education stakeholders that the workshop is designed to deepen awareness and strengthen capacity as they collaborate to discuss and develop issues of Green Skills and the occupational needs of Guyana.