The Honourable Minister of Education Priya Manickchand along with the Regional Chairman of Region Two and the Regional Education Officer, Ms. Nicola Matthews met today with the parents and teachers of the Abram Zuil Secondary School to discuss the accommodation of the students enrolled at that school.

This meeting was held in the auditorium of the Anna Regina Secondary School. Due to its deteriorating state and deemed unsuitable for use, the Abram’s Zuil Secondary School was demolished and construction has begun for a new school building. As such, with the new school year set to begin, the students of the school have to be accommodated at a different 20210906 12
Three options were presented to the parents and teachers and of those, one was identified and received the majority vote by those present. Parents had to consider having their children attend the Aurora Secondary School on a shift system, to utilize the New Opportunity Corps compound where students would be separate from other occupants or to rent a building in Johanna Cecelia. The third option received the majority support and is currently being explored.
Minister Manickchand told the parents that any decision made regarding the matter must be informed by the desire of those who stand to be affected by the decision. She said that consultation is important. Minister Manickchand added that once the rental of the building is feasible then an official decision will be made and communicated to the parents, teachers and students shortly.