DeSinco Ltd. today celebrated International Women’s Day by honouring 110 teachers. This initiative was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education who identified 10 teachers from each of the 11 education districts of Guyana.

The Marketing Director of DeSinco Limited, Ms. Alicia DeAbreu in her comments, recognized the hard work of all teachers, men and women, but chose to celebrate women, because of the general inequality that many endure. As a woman leader, DeAbreu said that she believes and lives by the values of empowering women through education, self-development and promotion for hard work.
Representing the Ministry of Education today was Deputy Permanent Secretary (Administration) Ms. Indranie Ramnarine who was elated to receive the items and show appreciation to teachers.
DeSinco Limited through its Lifebuoy brand provided the teachers selected by the Ministry of Education with food and sanitation hampers as a token of appreciation.