The Schools’ Welfare section of the Department of Education – Region Five (Mahaica - Berbice) embarked on another community outreach yesterday in the region by visiting the Lichfield and Seafield Communities on the West Coast of Berbice.

The purpose of the exercise was to ensure that all school-aged children have access to curriculum guides, provide psychosocial support and guidance to the students and their parents and distribute school materials and worksheets to those who did not uplift same from their school.
During the visit, the team from the Welfare Department urged parents to encourage their children and school-aged relatives to remain engaged despite being away from school physically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of yesterday’s intervention, two children with special education needs that were not in the formal school system will now be integrated and engaged.
The visit was spearheaded by the Senior Schools’ Welfare Officer Ms. Gloria Davidson-James who was accompanied by Education Officer, Ms. Samantha Phagu-Singh, Literacy Coordinator, Ms. Adel White, Schools’ Welfare Officer and Ms. Roxan LaRose, Child Protection Officer, Ms. Moore. The team from the Department of Education were assisted by two Police Officers attached to the Weldaad Police Station.