… Different community to be targeted every Wednesday for distribution

The Department of Education Georgetown lead by the Principal Education Officer (PEO) Mr. Immanuel Bridgewater and included Ms Stembiso Grant and Mrs Deborah Hutson, both Education Officers distributed worksheets and other learning materials to parents and children of Sophia in Georgetown today.
The exercise was a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of Education’s Welfare Department, Cadet Officers, headteachers and teachers. The distribution drive targeted primary and nursery level learners. It started at ‘A’ Field Sophia and the Officers went from house to house inquiring if school-aged children were living at the residence and if so, the officers wanted to know if they were being engaged and were in receipt of the Ministry’s worksheets.news 20201119 1
Many parents indicated that they have received the Ministry of Education’s worksheets and some said that they have not. In addition to the distribution of the worksheets, the Education Ministry also distributed vitamins and tonics to homes to assist with the fight against COVID-19.
The Education Officers also took the time to go through the worksheets with the parents to ensure that they can assist the children in completing the exercises successfully. The Officers told the parents that it is important that they spent time assisting the children if maximum output is to be realized.
The headteachers and teachers who were apart of the exercise told parents that when the children have completed the worksheets they (parents) should return them to the schools in the community to be marked and get further guidance.
During discussions with the parents, the MoE officers explained that the initiative is aimed at ensuring the Education Ministry is fulfilling its mandate in ensuring that all the nation’s learners are engaged even as schools remain closed for the two levels targeted owing to the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic.news 20201119 2
The distribution of worksheets will be done every Wednesday in a different community for the remainder of the year. The Education Ministry will also be visiting children who they have determined, have not been engaged frequently and those that have not been engaged at all.
The intention is to assist parents in changing this trend and not to institute punitive measures on parents. The PEO said that the Ministry’s objective is to minimize as far as possible the learning loss that can be incurred with schools being closed for all levels and grades except grades 10,11, 12 PIC’s and TVET institutions who returned to schools on November 9.