…each student to receive a care package

Observing stringent health protocols from the gazetted and published Examination Order, students that will be sitting the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) returned to schools across the country in preparation for the sitting of their examinations.news 20200615 1
Schools countrywide began preparations one week ago for the return of examinations students, who were away from school since March 16 owing to the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Today, Minister of Education Dr Nicolette Henry, Regional Education Officers (REdO) and other senior education officials were visiting schools across the country to monitor and also to ensure compliance with the Examination Order.
Before entering the school compound, students must wear a mask; washing of their hands is also a requirement. Additionally, the students must stay two meters (2M) or six feet (6’) apart from each other and loitering and gathering are prohibited.news 20200615 3
During visits to primary and secondary schools in Region Three (Essequibo Island-West Demerara), across the country teachers were busy preparing students for their examinations. According to Vreed-En-Hoop Primary Grade Six teacher Ms Tallmattie Yadram, the focus is revision since the Grade Six syllabus was completed before the closure of schools. Ms Yadram said that the children now have their timetables for the remainder of the week and she is confident that they are going to do well.
Similar sentiments were expressed by Vreed-En-Hoop Secondary mathematics teacher Mr Anthony Adams. Adams said that his focus is preparing the students for the new format that Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) has implemented in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Further, the teacher said that he will be practicing multiple-choice questions with his students so that there is greater familiarity with this new move.
The Ministry of Education will provide a care package for every child returning to school. The package consists of a face mask, sanitizer, wipes and tissue. The MoE announced that schools will open to facilitate the sitting of the NGSA, CSEC and CAPE examinations to be written on July 1 and 2, July 13-31 and July 13- August 4, 2020, respectively.