…as Profuturo Kits handed-over to 14 Primary Schools

Fourteen primary schools in Region Six, East Berbice – Corentyne received Profuturo Kits today, an initiative that will see the introduction and enhancement of digital learning in the region.
The handing-over ceremony was held at the Cumberland Primary School, one of the recipients of the kits. The other 13 schools that received kits today were the Edinghburg Primary School, Overwinning Primary School, Lacaba Primary School, Sandvoort Primary School, St. Theresa’s Primary School, New Amsterdam Primary School, All Saints Primary School, St. Aloysius Primary School, Fort Ordinance Primary School, Sheet Anchor Primary School, Rosehall Estate Primary School, Betsy Ground Primary School and Gangaram Primary School.
The kits are as a result of collaboration between the Organisation of American States (OAS), the Profuturo Foundation and the Ministry of Education. news 20200127 16
Minister of Education, Dr. the Hon. Nicolette Henry said today that education in Guyana is embarking on major changes to students’ learning and knowledge acquisition. She said that technology has influenced and changed the way students solve problems, research information and learn.
The Education Minister said that the Government of Guyana as well as the Ministry of Education welcome the initiative that will continue to provide opportunities for Guyanese to advance in this technological era.
Minister Henry explained to the teachers and students in attendance that to harness all the opportunities, the administration, staff, students and community must combine efforts in the maintenance and sustainability of the kits as they capitalize on the correct usage and learning abilities that the kits will create.news 20200127 12
She added, Witnessing the metamorphism of traditional Education to digital learning, particularly during this phase of global technological advancement and this decade of development should stimulate and encourage our collaborative determination to ensure our nation is adequately prepared for the technological growth.
Minister Henry said that together, we can and will work to ensure this decade of development is actualized in every corner of Guyana.
The OAS Country Representative in Guyana, Ambassador Jean Ricot Dormeus in his remarks said that the programme aims to prepare the next generation for the future. He said by heading the Digital Literacy Project, the OAS is impacting the lives of persons with their democracy. news 20200127 17
He said that education is the twin sister of freedom and that technology works as a great equalizer allowing us to transform the world from our huts to our gated communities. He said that the partnership between the OAS, Profuturo and the Government of Guyana is to provide education to the most challenging and vulnerable communities.
Moreover, the Ambassador said that the $152,000 euros project will benefit more than 5000 children across Regions one, six and 10 and almost 500 teachers will receive training on modern methodologies and how to use technology to enhance the learning experience of students. The Profututo kits comprise of 40 tablets, one router, a projector and a laptop.
Regional Education Officer, Ms. Bhagmattie LaCruz said that today is an extraordinary day for education in the East Berbice – Corentyne where there will be the advancement of Information Communication Technology (ICT).news 20200127 18
She said that the project will reduce the digital divide by providing learners with the necessary skills to be successful and reach their full potential in a digital world.
In May 2019, Guyana signed a technical assistance cooperation agreement with the OAS and the Profuturo Foundation.
Following the handing-over ceremony Minister Henry and Ambassador Dormeus along with officials visited the Gangaram Primary School as a model school for Profuturo implementation.