There has been a marked improvement in English by students sitting the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

Candidates, totalling 14,145, sat the examination back in March. The results show a marked improvement in English with 60 percent in passes compared to 54 percent last year; 46 percent gained 50 percent or more in Social Studies – a one percent drop compared to last year; and passes at science remained the same with 46 percent achieving 50 percent or more marks.

At an event at the National Center for Education Research and Development (NCERD) to present the results and honour outstanding students earlier today, Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry said: “We recognise that we have to invest in our own people and so, that requires us recruiting additional supporting staff developing and strengthening the existing programmes to result in the kind of results that you see today. It’s not only specific to English, last year as you are aware we did the intervention which was intended to improve results and so it’s very important that you understand results come out of a process. It just doesn’t appear. It is representative of the hard work of a lot of people.”

Mathematics results saw a seven percent reduction in those gaining 50 percent or more and Minister Henry said this was a sign that there is a need to continue interventions similar to those it undertook last year.

“I want to underscore the point that improved performance is really an output indicator; it is the indication of a lot of hard work a lot of systems that were put in place, a lot of procedures a lot of initiatives that were implemented by the Ministry of Education … What you see today it doesn’t only speak to the classroom. It speaks to the support it speaks to the political, the leadership and the decision to improve the lives and well-being of our people here in Guyana through education.”news 20180628

A historic 529 was scored by best performing student Nalia Rahaman of Westfield Preparatory while Arthur Roberts of the New Guyana School scored 525 marks, which secured their spots at Queens College.