...two new components to be added

Under the national theme 'Guyana together: Reflect, Celebrate and Transform', plans are moving ahead for a mega representation of learners at the children's component of the 50th Republic Mashramani celebrations. This is the position of the National and Regional Planning Committee headed by Ms. Lorraine Barker-King, Administrator of the Unit of Allied Arts.

The committee met in the boardroom of the Unit of Allied Arts on Friday.

The Ministry of Education's sub-theme for Mashramani 2020 is 'Education: the Future is NOW!'

The regional schools' competitions are slated to commence on January 23 and will conclude on February 7.

The National Children's Mashramani Competitions are carded to be held from February 12 to 15.

The opening ceremony will be held on February 12, 2020, while the competitions are slated for February 13 and 14 with the Costume and Float parade February 15.

At the meeting, the various organising plans for the regional competitions were presented which will feature categories such as dance, masquerade, calypso and dramatic poetry.

The Georgetown Education District's events are carded for January 24 when the nursery activity would be held while the actual competitions would be held for the 30th and 31st.

Region 4's activities are to spread out over at least two additional dates.
Region 6 plans are on stream as is the case with all other educational districts.

Ms. Rishanna Lambert reported that Region 9 competitions are carded for January 30th and 31.

Meanwhile, a new component is to be added musically to the Children's competition aimed at promoting the ideals of non-violence in schools.

This welcomed and timely component while still being fleshed out is a plan to have a primary and secondary schools jingle competition at the regional level addressing violence in schools.

Additionally, National Steelpan Coordinator, Mr. Xavier Marks posited an idea to have all school steel bands involved in the 2020 Jubilee Republic Competition. The committee has agreed to examine the possibility to have most if not all school bands involved. Those competitions are slated for February 13 and 16 Feb.

All other details and schedules regarding the activities regionally and nationally will be made available in due course.