...Canal Bank Primary receives boat and engine

On the day that schools reopened across the country after the Christmas holiday, Minister of Education Dr Nicolette Henry commissioned two new schools in Region One (Barima-Waini) and also visited a number of schools as is customary on the resumption of classes.news 20200107 2

The two schools that were commissioned are Port Kaituma Primary Annex, located at Canal Bank some four miles from Central Port Kaituma; and White Water Nursery Annex located at White Water.

Minister of Education Dr Nicolette Henry and Dr George Norton, Minister of Social Cohesion with responsibility for Sports and Culture, Regional Education Officer-Region One, Mr Nigel Richards, Regional Executive Officer-Region One Mr Randolph Storm, and other Senior Education officials attached to Regions One were present for the commissioning of the institutions.news 20200107 3

In proffering remarks, the Education Minister said that her visit to the region was 'two-fold' in nature since aside from commissioning the schools she wanted to meet with teachers and students across Region one.

It is against this background that prior to the commissioning, Dr Henry visited North West Secondary and Mabaruma Nursery to personally thank the teachers for the work they do continuously and she wished the children a successful school term.news 20200107 4

Addressing the importance of the new structures, Minister Henry said that it is imperative for all involved in the education delivery process to work collectively to ensure the reduction in the disparity that exists between schools on the coast and those located in the hinterland.

Further, the Education Minister noted that a conducive learning environment will bring about the educational outcomes that are necessary to mould 21st-century students who will be able to compete and function on a global level.news 20200107 5

Added to that, Minister Henry quipped that it will take a collective approach by the school, parents, the community and the Ministry of Education to maximise the use of the new edifice.

The Education Minister reminded those gathered of the Decade of Development spoken about by President David Granger and that this development has commenced and that it is education that will be the cornerstone for this initiative.news 20200107 7

In his remarks, Minister of Social Cohesion Dr George Norton said that the children who will benefit are living in an exciting time. Minister Norton is of this view since according to him, such modern facilities outfitted with modern sanitary and other facilities was unheard of in times past.

Minister Norton in expressing similar sentiments as the Minister of Education believes that the region is poised to achieve great things. news 20200107 1Moreover, he said that more trained teachers are now teaching in the region even as more are being trained to ensure every child is exposed to quality education.

The two schools were built at a combined cost of just over $20M. In the case of the school at Canal Bank, it was noted that children in the immediate and catchment areas will no longer have to trek some four to five miles to attend the Port Kaituma Primary school.
The school also received a boat and engine, that was handed over by Ministers Norton and Henry.