...commissioning brings region four a step closer to phasing out all 'primary tops'

The Golden Grove secondary school located on the East Coast of Demerara, 15 miles from Georgetown, was commissioned yesterday by Minister of Education Dr The Hon Nicolette Henry. The construction of the facility was undertaken by Ivor Allen Construction Services to the value of $170M.news 20190920 9
In the facility's packed auditorium, the Education Minister in delivering the feature address told those in attendance that the budgetary allocation to the education sector is a clear demonstration that her government places significant emphasis on this sector knowing what benefits can be derived for self and country.
The Education Minister further stated that the construction of every new school brings the country closer to the fulfilling of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.4 which states 'by 2030, there should be a substantial increase in the number of youths and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.news 20190920 7
It is against this background that Minister Henry posited that the new edifice will ensure more young people are provided with opportunities to equip themselves with the relevant skills to foster personal as well as professional growth.
Addressing the students directly, the Education Minister said that they (children) are the future leaders of Guyana and are like "unopened textbooks and pencils not yet sharpened". She encouraged them to pursue their goals and ambitions with seriousness and commitment and expressed her confidence that every child can be the best they want to be.
With the focus on teachers, Dr Henry said she is cognizant of the tedious tasks they undertake consistently, including becoming counsellors, guides and mentors.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, she called on teachers to adopt a positive attitude, to create the best and most conducive learning environment for students. Minister Henry said that the MoE and the government will continue to provide training and support to assist teachers in the execution of their duties.news 20190920 6eanwhile, Regional Chairman-Region Four, Ms. Genevieve Allen in her remarks reminded that it was over the last four years that a number of longstanding schools such as Bladen Hall Multilateral and Friendship Secondary among other institutions in the region had major rehabilitations done to them.
The Regional Chairman said that at the regional level similar emphasis has been placed on education. She further stated that the commissioning of the school brings the region a step closer to phasing out all primary tops (a primary school that also has secondary classes) in the region and with the soon to be completed Good Hope Secondary School; the phasing out will be completed ensuring there are no more primary tops in Region Four.
This, according to Ms Allen is a demonstration of the improvements that are taking place in the education sector not only in region four but also at the national level.
The new school is outfitted with four laboratories, two for science (biology and chemistry), one information technology laboratory and one Home Economic laboratory. The institution also has a lift to cater to the needs of students with Special Education Needs (SEN). Other facilities include a waiting area (Benab), hard standing (tarmac), Library, Smart Room, Sick Bay, Counselling Room, Staff Room, and a modern canteen. The school has a student population of 722.
The commissioning was attended by Regional Executive Officer- Region Four, Ms. Pauline Lucas, Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration) Ms Ingrid Trotman and other senior education and regional officials.