Today, the Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson conducted a mentorship session with the male students of the North Georgetown Secondary School. Using personal experience, the CEO advised the boys that their destiny is not defined by where they come from.

He explained that a sound education is critical to them securing a good job when they join the workforce. During the discourse, the young men were asked to share what their goals are in terms of academic pursuits and career choice.

They were advised that in addition to having their goals they need to strategically position themselves to achieve which includes attending school and acquiring an education. news 20181010 7
Some of the boys indicated that they want to become civil engineers, athletes, Guyana Defence Force Officers, pilots and lawyers.

Principal Education Officer, Mr. Immanuel Bridgewater urged the students to refine the plans they have to achieve their goals so that they can be better focused on what specifically they have to do as they advance further.