The Minister of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry today visited some schools around Georgetown and on the East Coast of Demerara to assess their readiness for the new school year scheduled to begin on Monday, September 3rd, 2018.

The schools visited were Tucville Secondary, Tucville Primary, Cummings Lodge Secondary and St. Joseph High School. Additionally, Minister Henry also visited the Special Education Needs Diagnostic and Assimilation Centre located in the compound of the Cyril Potter College of Education. That institution is also scheduled to open in September with the walkway and driveway almost completed.
Minister Henry said that she was pleased with what she would have seen today as it relates to both the progress and the quality of work being done to ensure that the school environment is ready for students and teachers. news 20180824 6
At the Cummings Lodge Secondary School work is being done to rehabilitate a building which would serve to provide additional classrooms to the school. Minister Henry noted that the building is being renovated to house fifth form students specifically.
She said, “That building existed but for some time now it was out of service and so it is now going to be fully rehabilitated and operational for the new school year.”
Minister Henry noted that in addition to herself, Senior Officers of the Education Ministry will be visiting all the Secondary Schools in Georgetown and the outlying areas to ensure that they are ready for the re-opening of school.
In addition, she said that similar visits are being done within the regions by the Regional Education Officers. “I know for sure that in region five and region six, I have gotten reports that suggest that their work is also on stream and in keeping with timelines.”
Further, on the issue of impending strike action, Minister Henry said that the Government of Guyana will ensure that as far as possible, schools are open and running and that students are given all of the support that they need to get through the school 20180827
During her visit today, Minister Henry was accompanied by the Ministry of Education’s Special Projects Officer, Mr. Ron Eastman. He said that at the Tucville Primary and Secondary Schools, the Ministry is doing its annual rehabilitation and maintenance work before school reopens.
He said that these works are scheduled to occur throughout the academic year. According to Mr. Eastman, the work being done at the Tucville schools currently is to address damage to walls and the Home Economics Department as a result of flooding.
He said, “For those works, we are about 80% to 90% completed which will be ready for school reopening.” He added that the Information Technology Laboratory in the Tucville Primary is completed and is now awaiting the installation of computers and other equipment to make it operational. news 20180824 9
As it relates work being done at the Cummings Lodge Secondary School, Mr. Eastman said the renovation of the building was based on a request of the Head Teacher of the school to have a teaching block for fifth form students.
Further, he added that the Ministry a number of major projects on-going which are the construction of the St. Rose’s High School, the construction of the Mathematics and Science building on the University of Guyana’s Turkeyen Campus, a dormitory for the Linden Technical Institute and the renovation of the Christianburg – Wismar Secondary School.
Meanwhile, during her visits to schools Minister Henry also met with a sweeper cleaner who expressed on behalf of herself and other sweeper/cleaners her gratitude to the Minister of Education for ensuring that they are now being paid when school is closed during the July-August holiday.
According to the sweeper/cleaner, she is in a much better financial position and she now has more disposable income to ensure she is living a ‘good life’. Further, she was grateful for the Minister of Education’s intervention and said she looks forward to similar support from the Education Minister.