Guyana’s Minister of Education Dr Nicolette Henry, MP is part of a Caribbean Delegation of Female ministers invited to the first ever Women's Football convention in Paris. Additionally, leaders from the world of football, politics and society are also present in Paris for two days, June 6 and 7, 2019 to discuss the development of the women’s game, the social benefits of football for women and girls, and the positive impact it can have on female empowerment.

FIFA is keen to work with schools in the region as football is more than just a game – it is about having a positive social impact on women and girls around the world. FIFA considered it crucial to host an event of this magnitude in the lead up to the Women’s World Cup, not only to draw further attention to what is going to be the biggest female sporting event to date, but also to highlight the work that is being carried out to embrace, educate and empower women around the world through football.

During two days, delegates heard from a variety of speakers who have their own story to tell, who are influential and successful in their field, and who were selected because they are playing their part in giving women and girls the opportunity to fulfil their potential – whether that be in football, education, sport or society.
The President of Guyana National Women's Football Federation Mrs Andrea Johnson is also attending the first-ever FIFA women's Convention with the Education Minister.
Additionally, the General Secretary (Ag) of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Mrs Ronella Bourne and First Vice President of the GFF Mr Julian Bovell are also in Paris attending congresses on behalf of the GFF.

Guyana is expected to benefit from further collaborations and support from FIFA in the rollout of a strengthen school football programme.