news 20171123 5There is a new initiative to improve reading and make visits to health centres more accommodating and friendly to mothers and other visitors.

The Ministry of Education is teaming up with the Ministry of Health to make literacy a part of the health centres.
On Monday, the Ministry of Education, through its Region Six Literacy Coordinator, Simone Dainty, established a reading corner at the New Amsterdam Family Health Centre situated at Strand and Charles Place, New Amsterdam.
The main aim, according to Dainty, is to promote reading and writing throughout Region Six. Another objective, she said, is to give mothers who visit Health Centres the opportunity to read to their children at an early age.
According to Dainty, the initiative is one which facilitates reading and at the same time promotes literacy.
Mothers attending clinics can access story books, puzzles, letter and number cards, colouring books among other amenities that are useful educational pieces for their toddlers and babies.
Dainty said that the Ministry will continue to visit the Health Centre and monitor how things are progressing. She said that in the future, books for adults will be added to the collection.
The Literacy Coordinator stated that similar projects will be established at other health facilities throughout East Berbice.