The Ministry of Education, Department of Youth, is taking steps to ensure that the National Youth Policy is being followed and delivered across Guyana. This will be executed through the creation of a National Youth Empowerment Action Plan.

Director of Youth, Melissa Carmichael, in an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), explained that the action plan will be used as a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the objectives of the National Youth Policy are being effectively delivered.

According to the Director of Youth, the action plan will outline what programmes and projects should be created and provide information on whether the national youth policy is being implemented and used across Guyana.

Carmichael said that in crafting the action plan, all necessary guidelines will be followed. This includes consultations with public and private stakeholders as the document would eventually need the approval of the National Assembly.

“It means that all stakeholders involved must be aware of the plan. So it’s not just about us sitting down and creating a document and say this is what we are doing to monitor but, our stakeholders must be on board,” Carmichael explained.

However, Carmichael pointed out that the absence of the National Youth Empowerment Action Plan would not in any way hinder the objectives set out in the National Youth Policy. “We have already begun crafting our work plan for 2017 using the guidelines from the national youth policy,” Carmichael said.

Carmichael said that the guidelines of the National Youth Policy will provide a better year for youths in 2017.