…move touted as a life changer for many

Youths from the hinterland are optimistic that corporate Guyana and the Government will support their carpentry and joinery efforts, an initiative being undertaken in the ongoing Hinterland Employment and Youth Service (HEYS) Programme.
The youth programme which is a one-year initiative is intended to create that enabling environment where youth can become self-sufficient.

While indigenous peoples are known for their creative aptitude adding value to their product is critical, thus, the drive by the young men and women to hone their carpentry and joinery skills.
Youth in Regions Seven and Eight, in particular, are producing a variety of quality furniture. They are making tables, chairs, desks, cupboards, bed frames, and stools among other items. It is their hope that organizations will be willing to purchase these items.
The youth are optimistic that the Ministries of Education and Public Health and the village councils can support them by purchasing these items to furnish school buildings, health centers and the respective village offices and guest houses.
The same can be said for young people involved in garment construction, cake decorating and catering, electrical installation, auto-mechanics and information technology.
Their expertise can be equally utilized. The women are sewing clothing including pants, shirts, ladies tops, skirts, and also involved in embroidery and knitting.
The tourism drive is also thriving since theyoung entrepreneurs are assessing their potential target markets and working assiduously to make this a reality.
Since the commencement of the programme, the hinterland youths are upbeat owing to the fact that the programme has enabled them to learn innovative skills that can result in financial and other benefits.
During last month’s Heritage activities in Region Nine, Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock,noted, “Guyana is on the move and quickly being recognized.
“While there are hiccups things are moving on, things are moving quicker than I thought personally and for you to be on that train we have to respect time.”
The Minister cited the HEYS Programme as one such initiative. According to him the young people are learning skills which will take them through life “that is why we have the training of our young people.We are paying our young people to learn it is a support to your own learning.”
Approximately 2,000 young people from across Guyana are assured of positively contributing to society when they successfully complete the HEYS Program.