The Ministry of Education, Department of Youth is making efforts to provide young people with employment through public private partnerships, with the aim of having a batch of youths attached to organizations such as Edward B Beharry & Co Ltd, ANSA McAL Trading Ltd. and Banks DIH Ltd among others by May 2017.

This was disclosed by Director of Youth Melissa Carmichael in an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA). Carmichael said the public private partnerships are part of a plan to give exposure to youths who have successfully completed training programmes.

“Whether it is internship or permanent employment, that is our goal for 2017. Not to just train but to also have these business places and these government Ministries engage these young people” Carmichael explained.

The Youth Director said that the department will soon be contacting various organizations so that the programme can be rolled out in 2017. Carmichael stated, “We will be sending letters of collaboration to various organizations so that come 2017, the ideas of entrepreneurship, employment, engagement, those things would already be prepared”.

However, the youth Director pointed out that while some would jump at the opportunity to work after training, others would prefer to further their studies and the department of youth is working on providing scholarships to those persons.

“We know that not everybody wants to be a business owner, some people want to go to school, they want to study, they want to have a career and they want a job at the end of that, so we are seeking partnership with other opportunities so that we can provide those opportunities” the Youth Director explained.

The National Youth Policy which is the mechanism that guides the direction for youth was adopted in the National Assembly on October 14, 2016.

The policy provides for five strategic areas which include youth identity and empowerment, youth employment and entrepreneurship, education and market-driven skills development and youth leadership, participation and representation.