The Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport on Friday celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights at its Main Street, Georgetown location.“Diwali is a time for gathering with family and friends, often marked with good food and dancing. It is a time for celebration, but also a time for prayer and reflection; a time when we must remember that there are always others who are less fortunate than ourselves,” said Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry.

The observance of Diwali at the ministry is an annual tradition which has been supported by students and representatives of the Cove and John Ashram.
Minister Henry said the Festival of Lights serves as reminder of the need for persons to commit to helping those in 20161030 3
“I am indeed humbled to be associated with a festival that goes back over thousands of years. I am also proud that our country is blessed with so much diversity and richness of culture and tradition,” she said.
In all of the three major religions of this country – Christianity, Islam and Hinduism – “we dedicate times of the year to the renewal of our lives and faith… we seek to reflect on what has gone before and to reconnect with the light which lies within us,” Henry said in a statement.
The minister also noted that there has been much religious tolerance in Guyana over the years, and this augurs well for social protection.
“My hope for this Diwali celebration is that there be reconciliation where there may have been division; that there be rejection of violence; and that together we may appreciate and enjoy each other’s festivals as a common sign to the world and of our commitment as Guyanese to mutual goodwill and faith in each other,” Minister Henry emphasised.
She expressed hope that “Diwali be as bright as ever, bring joy, health and wealth to you; may the festival of lights brighten your life and those near and dear to you; may this Diwali bring you utmost peace; may light triumph over darkness and lead us together in the path of peace and social harmony.”