The Education Ministry’s annual ICT teacher symposium will focus on turning its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), ICT Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Marcia Thomas 20161027 5

The annual two-day symposium brings together senior policymakers and practitioners from within the region and beyond, to share emerging lessons from attempts to introduce and utilise ICT in the month of November. This is to help meet a wide variety of goals in the education sector.

This year’s symposium features presentations from, and discussions with, five international specialists. Thomas said that the Ministry has invited a classic pianist, a glass blower and a robotics, software and a technology specialist, each, to be a part of the symposium.

The specialists invited to take part in the symposium, aim to show why STEM should become STEAM. Thomas explained that they will bring together digital technology, science, arts and engineering in a way that demonstrates the importance of the arts, along and within these subjects.

The annual ICT symposium forms parts of the Ministry’s agenda of ensuring teachers are competent to harness ICT effectively, to support high quality teaching and learning.