The National Sports Commission (NSC) will soon launch the 2017 calendar of activities under the theme ‘Light It Up’.

According to Director of Sports, Christopher Jones, this initiative will give persons the opportunity to participate in any sports or recreational activity after sundown.

Grounds will be identified across the country, and the NSC will lend its support in providing the light fixtures.

This campaign will benefit communities in a meaningful way, Jones noted, since lights can provide some level of security and parents would be less worried about what is happening in the playground after 18:00hours (6:00pm) because the grounds would be lit.

The first illustration of this campaign can be seen at the National Gymnasium. “If you pass there at any time in the night, you would see that it is fully illuminated,” Jones pointed out.

Jones is urging corporate Guyana to come on board to assist with the purchasing of light fixtures.