For the past seven years since MC’s Educational Institute has been in operation, this year the students got the most grade one passes.

MC’s Educational Institute which is located in the YMCA building on Independence Avenue started operation in 2009 under the leadership of Ms. Marcia Craig. Ms. Craig noted that she decided to open the school after she retired from the public system and was approached by some parents to have her teach their 20161011 1

“When they came to me I didn’t have a building or anything to start, but after they were behind me I decided to open the school. I have been teaching all my life and it gives me great pleasure when my students excel. I am a disciplinarian and if students want to come to my school they have to be disciplined and they have to work. “
According to the Head teacher, Kevin De Jonge, the first year the school had students write CSEC the results were outstanding. “In 2009 when my mother started the school with just about 20 students we had 92% passes in grades 1-4 and 70% passes in Grades 1-3 with seven grade ones.”
De Jonge noted that over the years the school population grew and there was always a balance in the pass rate. He said that in English and Mathematics there was always a 50 percent pass rate but they are hoping that the percentage increases in those subjects in the future.
The Head teacher said that over the years although 2016 saw the students getting more grade one passes, 2014 was the best year in terms of percentage passes.
“In 2014 we had 76% passes in Grades one to three and 95% passes in Grades one to four. The year 2015 it was our worst year; we had 57.8 % passes in grades one to three and 83.8% in grades one to four.”
Mr. De Jonge claimed that this year 2016 the pass rate is 74% in grades one to three and 92% in grades one to four. He also said that this year saw 14 grade one passes. The top student attained passes in eight subjects—five grade ones and three grade twos.
The pass rate in Mathematics is 47% in grades one to three and English A 50% in grades one to three.