“Once again we can celebrate our achievements in Region Four. As a region we would have set goals and worked collaboratively to achieve them.”

Principal of President’s College, Carolyn Canterbury receives the award for the most outstanding school at CSEC 2016.news 20161214 1

This was the proud assertion of Regional Education Officer (REO), (ag) Tiffany Harvey, in delivering opening remarks as the Department of Education, Region Four (4) held its Annual Awards Ceremony yesterday, at the Theatre Guild in Kingston, under the theme: “The Foundation of Education goals are achieved through experience, dedication and empowerment”.
The acting REO mentioned that they have implemented public speaking, workshops and teaching in the areas of Mathematics and English. Child-friendly classrooms and teaching environments conducive to learning continue to be part of the Department’s focus. Full support is also given to the breakfast programme and the school bus initiative.
“We continue to promote the need for parental involvement by expanding our welfare services to communities,” Harvey said.
According to the official, they have moved a little further in the field of music. The Regional Music Coordinator is working closely with primary and secondary schools, to ensure that all of the mandates of the Minister of Education are carried out.
Region 4 is the winner of the National Choir Competition 2016, and Harvey said that, “I am proud to announce that on December 16, at 10:00 am in the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) compound we will be convening our first Christmas carolling”.
In addition, a committee has been established to work along with schools in implementing the Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP). The SCCP seeks to improve students’ attendance, reduce school dropouts, shore-up equity and enhance quality and relevance in the area of technical and vocational education at the Grade Nine and Grade Ten levels.
Harvey said that, “Though there is much to be done to ensure that equity and equality are evident in every aspect of education, today we would like to reward those persons who would have had dreams, made plans, had deadlines and kept them”.news 20161214
The awardees for overall schools at the primary level are as follows: Outstanding Performance for the National Grade Two Assessment (NGTA) 2016 – Hope Estate Primary; Most Improved School for NGTA – Silver Hill Primary; Outstanding Performance for National Grade Four Assessment (NGFA) – Peter’s Hall Primary; Most Improved School for NGFA – Moblissa Primary; Outstanding Performance for National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) 2016 – Cane Grove Primary; Most Improved school for NGSA – Providence Primary. NGSA 50% and over passes in English, Science and Social Studies, Montrose, Dora and Long Creek Primary Schools respectively.
The NGSA top performers were also rewarded; Althea Joseph from Montrose Primary; Jennifer July from Strathspey Primary; Ruben Cush, Kuru Kururu Primary; Lukuna Bacchus, Peters Hall Primary; Casana Sookram, Montrose Primary; Joshua Calladeen, Peters Hall Primary; Joanna Mohan, Enmore Primary; Omari Smart, Friendship Primary; Jonathan Arjune, Covent John Primary; Faith Mohamoo, Chateau Margot Primary. They were all awarded a place at Queen’s College.
The Top Performers at the National Grade Nine Assessment were: from Diamond Secondary – Oma Arjune, Ryan Ryasally and Rani Singh, and from President’s College – Mei Wei Yip, Lamon Friday and Shakuntala Sookraj.
Beterverwagting Secondary School was awarded outstanding school for SCCP 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015.
President’s College copped the award for outstanding secondary school for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) 2016 while the most improved school award was given to Soesdyke Secondary
The top ten performers at CSEC 2016 were: from President’s College – Afifah Wickham, Shondace Thomas, Zawadi Collins, Renata Lall, Nandrine Hubraj and Claudia Garraway, and Diamond Secondary – Alexandra Adrian, Sofie Singh, Abdel Bacchus and Nadia Bisessar.
The top five performers at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) 2016 were all from the President’s College, namely Paula Gomes, Odacia Hill, Olivea Chester, Susan Norton and Cameroul Hookumchand.
In the National Athletics Championship 2016 sector, the champion boy Omari Walcott and champion girl, Brittany Austin, are from Bygeval Secondary. The outstanding performance in basketball awardees are as follows, from Plaisance Secondary, Nigel Bowen, Andrew Johnson, Daniella King; and from President’s College, Akeem Chrandon, Kareem Boyle, Analise Barclay and Demelza Nicholson.
For outstanding performance in the music arena the schools awarded were, Triumph Nursery, Lusignan Primary and Golden Grove Secondary. For the outstanding performances at the National Spelling Bee Competition 2016, Victoria Nursery and Kuru Kururu Primary were awarded respectively.
Retired head teachers who would have served and impacted many lives of students throughout the years were yesterday recognised and awarded for a job well done. The awardees are Yonette Callendar from Plaisance Primary, Narpattie Bahir from La Bonne Intention Primary; John English from Grove Primary, Hazel Lewis from Golden Grove Primary; Verina Layne from Timehri Primary, Charis Austin, Buxton Secondary and Burnell Wickham from Hope Secondary.
Special awards were allocated to Success Elementary School for outstanding sustained performance. Supportive staff were also awarded, namely Veronica Clarke, Simone Fields, Stacy Gentle, Yulunda Adams-Blair, Verina Layne and Rhonda Meanes, Rocquel Fung, Jacqueline August and Felika Archer.
The Education Stalwarts awardees are as follows, Genevieve Allen, Pauline Lucas and Chitrawattie Basdeo.
The Cadet Officers for the Region were also awarded yesterday; Samuel Sampson, Elly Peterkin, Shonette Fraser, Myra Patterson, Debra Hudson, Sherwin Blackman and Petal Telford.
Deputy Chief Education Officer, Donna Chapman congratulated all the awardees on a job well done through their perseverance and the love for what they do. The award ceremony celebrated performances in music, academics and athletics. Chapman commended all teachers for empowering young people. She also encouraged all those who were not awarded to work harder so as to ensure that their names are listed come 2017.
“Region 4 must stand tall at NGSA, CSEC, CAPE and athletics championships; long live the teachers and students of Region4 and long live the teachers and students everywhere,” Chapman said in conclusion.