Government has announced that the establishment of an Institute of the Creative Arts, to run diploma programmes targeting over 100 young people, will be pursued in 20161201 2

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan who presented the $250B, 2017 National Budget in the National Assembly on Monday, said the Institute is slated to be accredited, through the University of Guyana. The Minister explained that support is anticipated from bilateral and multilateral development partners to commence designs, in 2017.

The Minister said, the Government had allocated over $60M in 2016 towards the modernisation of the museums and archives. The money was used, partly, to advance the process of digitisation of cultural holdings and artifacts. When completed, visitors will be able to interact with digital interfaces to source information on ancestry, and access audio and visual material to enhance learning.

Professional training will also continue in the area of archiving and museology to enhance the preservation and management of cultural heritage.

“This administration believes that the harmonisation of our country’s diversity through the promotion of the wide spectrum of culture and art is critical. To this end, in 2017, we will take further steps to preserve our cultural heritage and modernise the access to our national cultural assets,” Minster Jordan noted.

Earlier in the year, the government had announced that efforts were underway to establish creative arts’ centres, to facilitate the preservation of traditional cultural practices.