In an effort to empower youths with skills and knowledge, the government has launched the Youth Innovation Project of Guyana (YIPoG).news 20170523 4

The Ministry of Education, through the Department of Culture, Youth, and Sports, will give youths the chance to come up with innovative solutions to address pressing issues and challenges in Guyana.

YIPoG was launched yesterday morning at Umana Yana. Some $50M has been budgeted for this project which is said to be the flagship project for the Department of Youth program 2017.
Guyanese aged 16 to 35 in and out of school are invited to participate.
The Department of Youth will award grants to these innovative solutions proposed. This is the first kind of government programme that focuses on the important issue of youth innovation, in aiding to build capacity for the next generation, Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry said.
Minister Henry reiterated, “More than ever, Guyana needs its young citizens to stand up and showcase their inherent creativity.” Minister Henry reaffirmed the government and department of youth’s commitment to ensure that youths are educated, trained, and are provided with economic opportunities for their development, and the nation overall.

The theme for the project is ‘Aspire, Inspire, to reach.’
The YIPoG was implemented to decrease unemployment amongst young Guyanese, to engage youth in the development of a green state, to foster creative thinking through STEAMS, and develop a network between partners that work in the field of creative thinking and youth development.
Minister Henry opined that this project will create an enabling environment, for youths to realize their true 20170523 5
The National Youth policy speaks to providing training programmes to teach youth’s marketable vocational skills, to enhance job prospects, so as to aid in alleviating poverty, Minister Henry said.
The Ministry of Education plans to promote STEAMs as the crucible in which youths will design, develop and produce innovative ideas. Any youth from across the nation who is aware of issues, challenges or difficulties in his respective community, can propose a solution in the area of STEAMs, while fostering a green economy is eligible to apply.

STEAMS: Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Anthropology, Archeology, Architecture, Arts, Mathematics and Spirituality has been chosen the focus for the YIPoG.
Projects that will be funded are promoting political awareness and participation among the public, promoting civic education, combating corruption, promoting rule of law, empowerment of women and youths, promoting entrepreneurship and business development, human and child rights, telling the story of the six races of Guyana, among others.
YIPoG cannot fund projects supporting partisan political activity, educational scholarship, humanitarian aid and charities, fundraising campaign, and professional development for individuals.
Grants can last for one year, $2M will be the maximum grant given. However grants will be restricted to three months in the first year.
The Ministry of Education will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with host organizations of the competition. Host organizations will serve as drop in centres for project teams, and other members. The host organization will name a capital improvement project to be improved by the end of the 20170523 6
Persons will be notified on the status of the project within two weeks of submission. If an email is submitted without necessary documents and information, the grant application will not be processed.
This event is in keeping with National Youth Week 2017. This week May 21-27, 2017 the government has planned a week of exciting, and educating activities for the youth force. Youths must use this week to understand the true value of education Minister Henry noted. She explained that it is “only through real education that youths will be able to read, write, think, understand, analyze, and discuss issues that the country faces.”
Every administrative region participated in the project launch via the internet, compliments of E- Governance unit.
Next year the government plans to re-implement the Guyana Youth Corps.