The Unit of Allied Arts successfully hosted its Music Content and Methodology Workshop on June 13, 2024, at the National Racket Centre. The event served as a gathering point for music educators, enthusiasts, and professionals, fostering a day of enriching discussions, interactive sessions, and collaborative learning.

Led by experts in the field, the workshop provided participants with invaluable insights into various facets of music content and methodology, empowering them with practical strategies to elevate their teaching practices. Topics covered included effective curriculum development, innovative teaching techniques, assessment and evaluation methodologies, integration of music across disciplines, and considerations of cultural diversit



 Nicholas Fraser, Head of the Unit of Allied Arts, highlighted the Unit’s ongoing efforts to expand music programs across Guyana, currently spanning 18 schools. He also shared plans for the upcoming steel pan festival called ‘Amity,’ scheduled for late June, which aims to showcase students’ skills acquired through the instrument. Additionally, Fraser mentioned the implementation of a steel-band program and upcoming initiatives such as steel-band camps and collaborations with UNESCO through Kross Kolor Records.

Fraser also discussed ongoing discussions with the Peace Corps to supply Guyana with volunteers dedicated to teaching music, illustrating the Unit’s commitment to enhancing music education nationwide.

Ms. Sauda Kadir, Superintendent of Examinations at the Ministry of Education, emphasized the importance of music education and expressed hope that participation in music examinations, such as CSEC, would increase following the workshop. She underscored the role of music in fostering creativity and analytical skills, highlighting the practical knowledge gained through the CSEC syllabus. Also present was Music Coordinator at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), Mrs. Althea Hamilton-Wintz, who commended the present teachers for their commitment to bettering their delivery of musical education to their students.


 Attendees were immersed in hands-on activities, group discussions, and networking opportunities, fostering a vibrant community of music educators committed to excellence.

 Looking ahead, the Unit of Allied Arts is already planning future events and initiatives aimed at advancing excellence in arts education across Guyana. This is in accordance with the Ministry’s thrust to make sure every child exits high school with exposure to sport, at least one musical instrument, one foreign language, one TVET subject, and a strong sense of volunteerism.

The Unit of Allied Arts remains steadfast in its mission to promote expressive arts throughout Guyana.