Many teachers nationwide have refused to participate in the industrial actions organised by the Guyana Teacher’s Union (GTU) to ensure students are prepared for the upcoming National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certification (CSEC). The GTU last week announced that it would be hosting industrial actions from February 5 to 16.

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Despite this, classes are ongoing at various secondary schools including Tutorial High, Bishops’ High, Campbellville Secondary, Bartica, West Demerara, and Vreed-en-Hoop. Classrooms are also in operation at Diamond-Grove Primary, Bel Air Primary, Bethany Primary, St Ignatius Primary, Karamat Primary, F.E Pollard Primary, St Stephen’s Primary, 72 Miles, and Stella Maris Primary, among others. Teachers did not stay away from schools in the villages of Whim, Bloomfield, No 52, No 63, No 64, and No 74. More than 90 per cent of the teachers at St Margaret’s Primary are present at the school. All the teachers of Belle West Primary have also reported for duty. The Ministry of Education is urging teachers, parents, and guardians to promptly report acts of threats and intimidation associated with the illegal GTU strike. In an interview conducted Monday last, Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, made it clear that his ministry will not recognise any strike organised by the GTU.

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