Team EDYOU FM continues to intensify its efforts in creating and producing educational content for distant learners across Guyana.

One team is currently in the capital of the Barima-Waini Region in the town of Mabaruma conducting a workshop for Spanish-speaking learners to improve comprehension and expression within the classroom setting.


The second team is visiting the satellite communities along the river to sensitise villagers of the 99.9 FM frequency and record creative pieces from the school-age children there.

The team met with Ronald Cox, Head of the Department for the Modern Languages Unit, Mabaruma Secondary, who stated that the department and school welcome the one-week workshop imitative by the Ministry of Education, since English Language is the main challenge for migrant students.

“The majority of children started school in grade five, are now two years into the school’s system and are now beginning to understand the English language…Even though migrant students perform well in the Spanish language subject area, the other subjects are in English and pose a challenge,” Cox said.

He further noted, “this initiative though, can result in the development of better standard English language speaking skills which is key since students are now preparing for different exams.”

Cox hails from the community of Imbotero, the closest village to the Venezuelan border on the western side of the region. There, he attended school, and because of the village’s proximity to the border, he began learning and speaking Spanish through daily use.

He further developed his Spanish-speaking language skills at the Cyril Potter College of Education. Eight years later, Cox now serves in the administrative position as Head of the Modern Languages Unit.