Nine Guyanese from diverse backgrounds have been awarded scholarships to further their studies in China.

The scholarships are for post-graduate and under-graduate programmes in various disciplines including finance, international economy and trade, veterinary medicine and civil works.

This year’s recipients are Yvongelene Kissoon, Chabeeraj Francis, Ansel Campbell, Shameeza Baksh, Joshua Solomon, Abike Barker, Kerri-Ann Khan, Wan Yameng and Oswin Harte- Trisson.

The scholarship students were named during ceremony which was held at the Chinese Embassy on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown on Friday.

China’s Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan (left) handed over the scholarship to one of this year’s recipient, Kerri-Ann Khan. (Photo: Chinese Embassy in Guyana/August 18,2023)

Two of them have already departed for China while the others are expected to travel in the coming weeks.

In delivering brief remarks at the ceremony, China’s Ambassador to Guyana Guo Haiyan said since the signing of the cultural agreement between the Governments of Guyana and China in 1984, the Chinese Government has provided about 220 scholarships to Guyanese.

She said another 56 persons will soon be trained in a variety of courses while dozens of others have benefitted from online courses.

“Education is the foundation of national development in the long run…Education and training are always important elements of our cooperation,” she said.

According to the Ambassador, Guyana has embarked on a fast development track and its work force is in dire need of persons.

She urged the scholarship recipients to take full advantage of the opportunity and at the same time explore China culture and cuisine.

“We look forward to your return to serve your country and your people,” the Ambassador said.

The annual awards ceremony for the Chinese scholarship winners was held at the Chinese Embassy in Georgetown. (Photo: Chinese Embassy in Guyana/August 18,2023)

Meanwhile, Deomattie Seeram, manager of the scholarship department at the Ministry of Public Service, said over the years, Guyana has enjoyed great partnership and cooperation with the Government of China.

Seeram urged the awardees to utilise the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and form valuable connections.

“This scholarship serves as a recognition of your potential and talent…remember this scholarship is not just a financial support but also a responsibility and a privilege,” she said.

She added: “Embrace your new experiences, embrace the diversity and embrace the opportunity both academically and personally and be good ambassadors of your country. Take full advantage of all resources, support and guidance that will be available to you in China”.

The awardees also expressed gratitude for the scholarships from the Chinese Government, more so to be among the few selected.

For some, they will be able to pursue their studies in fields that are currently not offered in Guyana.

Shameeza Baksh is an aspiring veterinarian. She will be studying veterinary medicine in China.

“It’s one thing to apply and have this as a chance but to know you actually get it is another thing…My degree in particular is special because I can’t do veterinary medicine in Guyana. So China is providing me with the once in the lifetime opportunity to get to do that degree,” she told the News Room.