–says Region Two educator

EDUCATORS, parents, and students have expressed appreciation to President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, and Minister of Education Priya Manickchand for continuously following through with

their pledges to provide learning facilities that are outfitted with cutting-edge amenities, as part of efforts to improve the quality of education being given to the nation’s children.

Speaking exclusively with the Sunday Chronicle, the acting headteacher of the newly constructed $585 million state-of-the-art Abram Zuil Secondary School, Sir Jerome Rampersaud, recently said: “With every secondary school being built in Guyana, it is our belief, as educators, that the government is moving a step closer to achieving universal secondary education, which is why we are confident that it would be achieved by 2027 under the competent leadership of President Ali and his government.

“We at Abram Zuil Secondary have worked under extreme conditions for decades. As a student of this school myself, I could remember our days of having limited non-learning materials, and our classrooms in benabs, but now we have got the best modern secondary school in the country; the Caribbean. And like the president said, we are in the top ten per cent of the world, and we are extremely grateful for that. Even though our school wasn’t the best in terms of its physical appearance, I am proud to say that we have always delivered excellently at CXC. Now, with this modern facility, we are given every tool that is needed. So, I know that we have to deliver, and we will. My teachers and students are motivated, and ready to work, come September.”

Rampersaud, in noting that he believes that he can speak for all teachers across Guyana, said that it has been a while since educators in Guyana felt as though they were being seen and heard, and, most importantly, treated with respect for what they do.


Chairperson of the Abram Zuil Secondary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Roxanne Christani

“I know that my teachers, and teachers all over this country, feel important, and that is because we are given recognition by our president and our minister, Priya Manickchand. We are motivated, and we are happy to come to work. And so are the parents and children who are more exposed to a wider variety of subject areas,” he added.

Sir Rampersaud emphasised that the investments in modern resources for children will be a “game changer” for the future generation, since he believes that they will be in “a better position” to decide on a more solid career path.

“Our aim at Abram Zuil Secondary,” he said, “is to ensure that our children leave school well equipped with the knowledge and skills to sustain themselves in life, and I know that my fellow teachers want the same for their children as well. And with our President’s leadership, we are inspired to go the extra mile for our children.”


Also speaking with this publication was the chairperson for the Abram Zuil Secondary Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Roxanne Christani, who said: “My husband, daughter, and I are past students of this school, so I know first-hand of our struggles that we were faced with, being in the old structure. Nevertheless, the school has always delivered, despite lacking some of the basic learning materials. Seeing what President Ali, Minister Manickchand, and the government have done for us in Region Two and all the other educational facilities throughout Guyana is admirable, and we are thankful to them. When our children are safe and happy in school, we, the parents, feel that as well. By investing in our children’s education, it means that we are investing in a brighter Guyana.”

Christani took the opportunity to appeal to the private sector to contribute to the construction of a secure shed on the outskirts of the school, so that the students can take shelter while they are waiting for transportation.


Safeena Dowling (second left) and other students of Abram Zuil Secondary performing at the official opening of the new building

“I know that we have gotten a lot, and we are grateful, but I am also asking if it is possible for the government to provide us on the Essequibo Coast with two big buses, so that our students who are coming from Supenaam and Charity can feel more comfortable and safer in getting to school,” she said, adding: “Whatever I am asking for, is not only for Abram Zuil School, but I wish for the same generosity to be extended to the other schools in Guyana as well.”

An Abram Zuil Secondary student, Safeena Dowling said that they are grateful for their new school, and are also excited to resume classes in the new structure in September.
“Since sharing a building with another school and having to be there only for a half-day session, the time was always limited for us, so we are all excited to be coming into our new school in September. We have a facility that is equipped with every modern facility, and we are also getting an elevator for those who are challenged and may find it difficult to use the stairs. What else can we ask for? We, the students, would like to say thank you to President Ali and Minister Priya for giving us a modern school, and we want them to know that we will work towards maintaining this facility.

“I would like to tell my fellow students across Guyana to let us make full use of the opportunities that we are given right now in our schools. Let us make ourselves proud, our community proud, and of course our country proud. We can do it if we put our minds to it,” she added.