The Education Ministry through its Allied Arts Unit, in collaboration with the Department of Education, Region Two launched its Children’s Mashramani Competition at the Anna Regina Secondary school auditorium.

Celebrating this year under the theme “Mixing and Mashing as One Guyana”, the competition saw five categories being presented by the children.

Categories include dramatic poetry, masquerade group, dance group, costume group, and individual costume.

Twenty-four nursery schools from across the region participated in this year’s event.

One of the winners receiving her trophy from the Regional Education Officer, Shondell Hercules


Queenstown Nursery emerged as the winner in the dramatic poetry competition, followed by Danielstown Nursery, and Good Hope Nursery.

In the masquerade group competition, Riverstown Nursery came out as the winner, followed by Queenstown, and Reliance Nursery respectively.


“Mixing and Mashing as One Guyana”

In the dance group competition Queenstown Nursery secured the winner’s spot with their “togetherness” ring dance piece, followed by Aurora Nursery in second place, and Lima Sands Nursery in third.

Meanwhile, in the costume groups, Lima Sands with “Cultures and Traditions Together as one to build a modern Guyana” emerged as the winner, followed by Anna Regina New Nursery, and Danielstown Nursery in second and third places in that order.

Present at the launch were parents, guardians, teachers, representatives of the Regional Administration and Education Department

In the final category of Individual Costume, Anna Regina’s “Go green and grow” secured first place, while Lima Sands and Danielstown Nursery secured the other two spots.

Regional Education Officer Shondell Hercules and Regional Chairperson Vilma Desilva attended the opening of the competition.