–Minister Manickchand announces after meeting with residents

THE Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand hosted a meeting in Kuru Kururu on the Linden/Soesdyke, on Thursday afternoon, to address education related concerns.

This follows an outreach by President, Dr. Mohamed Irfan Ali, on Wednesday, to communities along the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

The meeting was held at the Kuru Kururu Primary School. Minister Manickchand was joined by Deputy Chief Education Officer – Administration, Fazia Baksh; Regional Education Officer Region Four, Stembiso Grant, and a Senior Guidance and Counselling Officer.

In brief remarks, Minister Manickchand said that the ministry is sparing no efforts in ensuring the school is fully staffed and is equipped with the necessary facilities to deliver quality education.
Minister Manickchand reiterated that it is the main aim of the ministry to ensure children have access to opportunities which will enable them to live a comfortable life.

Parents, teachers and residents of the community made full use of the opportunity to have their concerns raised and addressed immediately by the Education Minister.
Among the issues raised was the need for new furniture particularly for the teachers. Minister Manickchand stated that new furniture will be delivered to the school by next Friday.

Additionally, the parents and teachers of both nursery and primary school children requested a smart television to be placed in the classrooms.
Minister Manickchand announced that the schools will receive two smart TVs each and will be connected to the Guyana Learning Channel, so learners and teachers could benefit from the programmes aired daily.

The community requested the appointment of a guidance and counselling officer in each secondary school or secondary department.
Minister Manickchand committed to providing those as soon as suitable persons can be engaged.

The Education Minister also committed to delivering on the request for school grants to purchase school supplies.
Concerns which were not immediately addressed were recorded. Some of these included maintenance and repair works to the school which falls under the responsibility of Regional Democratic Council, Region Four.