Education Minister Priya Manickchand has warned teachers against abusing or beating students in the classrooms, as she urged them to find new and civilised disciplinary methods.

It was explained by the Education Minister that on any given day, she is notified through social media of teachers abusing students. As she was speaking to young trainees of the Cyril Potter College of Education, Manickchand said the evolving world requires new approaches.

“You can’t beat people’s children black and blue. You can’t abuse people’s children and believe, somehow or the other, that is the order of the day. Look at you; young, fresh citizens of this world who must inform yourselves of what is the new, civilised behaviour,” she expressed.

Moreover, she sounded a warning that the Ministry will come after those teachers displaying such behaviour.

“I say that to say that it is not the Ministry of Education alone that will come after you, because we will come after you! It’s a different order in the world. People are going to demand more of you because people want to see a better world, a better country.”

Speaking on the conduct of teachers, the Minister underscored that whatever behaviour is presented in the classroom would affect children, either positively or negatively.

“You have to understand that every single child in there could be adversely affected by your terrible attitude or really feel like the most valued human being by your good attitude. Sometimes it’s not even what you teach, it’s how you make children feel. The world is riding on your shoulders. What Guyana looks like is dependent on you.

Minister Manickchand cautioned that these educators will be held accountable not only by the Ministry.

“The nation will hold you accountable because people want a better, nicer, more developed Guyana.”

Just this week, it was reported that a three-year-old child has been out of school for almost two weeks and is now being forced to relocate. This is after the little girl alleged that she and her friends were beaten by her teacher, resulting in officials at the Ankerville Nursery School refusing to allow her back at the public institution.

The child had complained that the teacher used a ruler to beat her. After refusing to return to school, the parent visited the Department of Education, where the Education Officer made a decision to have the child placed into another class.

The following morning when the mother went to drop off her daughter, she was reportedly greeted at the door by the Head Teacher, who allegedly told her that the teachers had a meeting and decided that they no longer want the child to attend the school and as such the mother would be given a transfer letter.