In a bid to support blended learning opportunities for Guyanese youth, Peace Corps Guyana hosted a skills-building training session for local teachers who deliver educational television.


Our team, led by Country Director, Dr. Nadine Rogers, facilitated Make Me Watch You Instead of YouTube: A Skills-Building Opportunity for Teachers Who Deliver Lessons on TV. This hands-on workshop let teachers and producers work together on upcoming lessons.

This session targeted thirty (30) teachers from Regions 3 and 4, who deliver literacy, math, science, and social studies content via the Guyana Learning Channel to students in 1st through 11th grades as well as five (5) television producers who work with teachers to translate their content into educational programming for the Guyana Learning Channel. It covered strategies for balancing the delivery of required curricula with the need to keep the audience engaged; proposing appropriate visuals and props that aid in keeping viewers interested and actively learning; and drawing confidently on Caribbean storytelling techniques and educators’ own unique strengths to enhance delivery.
We are excited to support the Ministry of Education - Guyana and Guyana Learning Channel efforts to address gaps in access to learning resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and to remediate two years of learning loss that occurred while many children could not attend school. #partnership #service #PeaceCorps