Despite protest action by the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), many teachers showed up at their respective schools on Wednesday to ensure the nation’s children were engaged.

DPI visited several schools in the city where teachers were seen delivering lessons with all COVID-19 protocols being observed. Students were appropriately seated several feet apart, clad in their masks as they paid keen attention to their 20210909

Speaking to DPI, Headteacher of St Margret’s Primary, Ms. Sunita Doorga said since schools have been reopened, the entire teaching compliment has given full support.

“All my teachers reported for duty. We are on a rotation basis…they are very much committed that is our motto at St Margaret’s ‘to do the best that we can’.”

St. Margret’s Primary, like most schools across the country is operating on a rotational basis.

Nursery and primary schools around the country, on Monday reopened their doors to face-to-face learning after multiple consultations were held with parents and 20210909 1

The Ministry of Education has made every effort to ensure that learning environments are safe so that the nation’s children can receive a sound education.

For nursery schools, five students are assigned to each teacher to allow for better management. Additionally, teachers are expected to engage nursery school students no less than two hours per day and four hours per week.

To ensure COVID-19 preventative measures are observed and limit contact, learning packages including crayons, pencils, building blocks and other materials were distributed. Students must take these along with them when they go to 20210909 2

Meanwhile, primary schools were opened on a rotational basis. An exemption was made for grade six classes to attend school almost daily since it is an examination class.

The reopening of secondary schools for face-to-face teaching will be based on the national vaccination programme for adolescents across the country.