Students of the Bladen Hall Multilateral School and surrounding areas on Tuesday welcomed the Ministries of Health and Education massive COVID-19 vaccination drive for children 12 to 17 years old.

They believe that the jab will prepare them for the reopening of school on September 20210901

Joshua Viera was the first teenager to receive his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at the school. He told DPI that children should not be at home any longer.

“Children can’t be staying home forever they got to go back to school.”

Joshua’s mother, Mrs. Veira said “I am pretty happy that my child will be protected against the virus, in case you know it might touch him. I was scared at first because as you know I don’t know everything about the vaccine but I am happy that he got the protection because I want him back in school. I think that’s the right choice I made to get him vaccinated.”

Young Tarell Warren, a fellow student shared similar 20210901 1

“It feels very good knowing that I can go to school straight next week and that I can start learning again. I think that people should take their vaccine cause honestly, it doesn’t hurt that much but other people will have their own experiences.”

Another teen, Fardeen Hasim encouraged her peers to be safe.

“It feels great. I am not worrying anymore because I know I am protected now. Somewhat a little freer but you know you still have to take precautions; this is just one 20210901 2 I encourage others to take their vaccines, it is better for them is not for anybody else, it is for your own benefit, keep safe.”

Student Nicholas Sookpersaud also encouraged others to take the vaccine.

“It feels amazing to be the first ten to get vaccinated because it prevents you from getting this very dangerous virus. I advise each and every one to take this vaccine because it will prevent you from actually getting this virus. This virus can kill especially with this third wave that is coming right now. I think this is a prevention and it will be a good idea to take.”news 20210901 3

Natalie Persaud related that, “it feels really good. I encourage everyone to take the vaccine because it makes you very safe and this virus is very deadly so you can’t take any chances.”

Parents interested in getting their children vaccinated can access the consent and indication check list forms online through the ministry’s website.