The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) launched its online application process for teachers on Tuesday, ending 20 years of lengthy manual paper applications. Teachers applying for junior and senior positions as well as teachers seeking transfers can access applications at

The online portal was launched under the theme “Going digital to provide a better service in the teaching profession” at TSC’s office in Brickdam, Georgetown.

Applications for senior positions such as headteachers, deputy headteachers, and heads of department usually take nine months to process, but now with the online application, this has been reduced to roughly two months.

Systems Analyst, Ray Bassoo, explained that the process can be further reduced but consideration was given for teachers in the hinterland areas without access to the internet.

Some 4,000 plus applications for senior positions are sent every year. Meanwhile, the process for persons applying for junior positions usually took weeks but has now been reduced to three days.

Applicants will take no more than 10 minutes to complete registration online; they are then scored and accessed by clerks and commissioners. The information is verified and if applicants are successful, an offer letter is printed.

The online application was designed to build capacity, provide better service to teachers and also in keeping with TSC’s vision to go digital.

“It took a number of years but we are at the forefront of our vision,” Bassoo said.

Meanwhile, Bassoo noted that the online application will generate a spreadsheet that was previously done manually and took months. It also assures a level of accountability by providing a report for persons who were rejected and the reason why. Applicants are also able to see the stage of their application.

Additionally, the process of teachers transferring from one school to another took months to process; this has also been simplified with the online application.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira said the target is to completely digitise the TSC by 2023.

“The Teaching Service Commission has enormous responsibilities and I believe the move in this digitalised direction is critical,” Teixeira said.

The minister urged the TSC to continue to process manual applications to cater to persons who may not have access to the internet and also stated that persons applying from areas such as Eteringbang must be treated the same as persons applying from Georgetown.

President of the Teacher’s Union Mark Lyte along with Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Hutson also commended the TSC on its effort to provide better quality service to the teaching profession.