-positive cases will be isolated

All students attending dormitory schools across Guyana will be tested for COVID-19 as part of the Ministry of Education’s efforts to ensure students’ safety.

Minister of Education, Hon. Priya Manickchand said statistically, with more tests being done, there will be students testing positive for COVID-19. As such, she is calling on the Opposition to desist from politicising the spread of COVID-19.

“Once we test the 5, 000 dorm students we have, you will see persons who are positive. Across the country, Regions Nine, One, all the dorm schools, the students will be tested because it makes sense to test them,” she explained.

The Minister’s statement comes as eight students at President’s College who returned to their dorms to resume classes have tested positive for the disease. She explained that the level of interaction between students residing in the dormitories would be more than those attending other schools.

The Education Minister indicated that there has been close collaboration with the Ministry of Health to ensure all protocols are followed in the event a student contracts COVID-19.

During his COVID-19 update today, Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank Anthony said, “the two Ministries have been working for quite some time now to ensure that we have this safe reopening of schools. As you know, some secondary schools have dorms and have children from different parts of the country, who would be coming into the dormitories. There will be an extra bit of precaution because they’re coming from different parts of our country so what we have done is we are testing all those students.”

Once a student tests positive, he or she would be placed into isolation until they have recovered.

Meanwhile, Minister Manickchand said that she has noted social media posts made by the Opposition and is calling on them to be responsible leaders.

“Join us. Talk to us about things you’d like to fix and we’ll hear you. Join us in this effort to look after our children and make sure they are educated. Go into communities yourself that you believe have your full support and deliver some education,” she charged.

Schools across Guyana opened their doors to students in Grades 10 to 12 on Monday. The Ministry has ensured that every school is equipped with adequate facilities for students and teachers to adhere to the COVID-19 measures. In addition, care packages containing sanitisers, face shields and masks have been distributed.