— Over 12,000 students slated to write CSEC, CAPE exams

Eighteen-year-old Jasmaine Assanah, of St. Joseph’s High School is writing six units at Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) this year.

Determined to emerge successful at her examinations, Jasmaine told DPI that while she would have preferred in-person teaching for Integrated Mathematics, she still seized the opportunity to learn online.

“I wanted the [in-person] classes but we still received online classes,” she noted.

CSEC students Kataryne Stuart and Shemar Bascom explained that while COVID-19 has presented them with many challenges, they diligently worked their way through each one.

“I’ve been preparing for the CSEC examinations for the past five years, however, due to the coronavirus the past three months have been a challenge but I’ve managed to overcome it with certain practical steps,” Kataryne remarked.

She noted that preparation for Spanish oral examinations proved especially difficult because the usual one-on-one exercises involved in the preparation of the practical aspects of the examination was missing this year.

“Preparation for that exam would require a lot of face-to-face contact with my teacher, however, it was done over the internet and we all know that the internet is not always reliable so it was a challenge,” the CSEC student remarked.

Writing 12 subjects is no easy task, but Shemar Bascom is anticipating the Mathematics exam. “I am most looking forward to Maths because it’s my power area…it’s my thing.”

Shemar noted that while the health measures are many, he is cognisant they are vitally important his safety and that of his classmates. “Well, they have put in place to keep us from contracting the virus, we must follow them to ensure we stay safe,” the lad highlighted.

The trio shared some timely advice to their over 12,000 peers across the country who are all experiencing unprecedented challenges.

“Remain calm and stay focused, it’s all going to end soon, just give it your best shot,” Shemar advised.

“I’d like to encourage them not to be anxious, they must do what they can and make simple preparations,” Kataryne added.

“Stay positive, study a lot, do not get distracted by little things, keep focused and guys, we can do this,” Jasmaine assured.