—Strict COVID-19 measures in place

—Students, teachers adhere to guidelines

Outfitted with their masks and armed with their sanitisation kits, students in East Berbice, Corentyne preparing to sit the National Grade Six Examinations (NGSA) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) joined their counterparts nationwide in returning to school on Monday.

Students who have returned after a three-month pause due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, were seen observing social distancing and also making use of the handwashing facilities that were installed at the various schools across the region, before entering their classes.news 20200616 1

The NGSA students will be sitting their examinations on July 1 and 2 while CSEC students will commence theirs on July 13 and conclude on August 4.

At the Kildonan Primary, 32 of the 36 students slated to sit the NGSA were present and the headmistress expressed optimism that the other four students will be present for their next class on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, over at the Central Corentyne Secondary School in Bush Lot, Corentyne all the students slated to write the examination came out on the first day.

Many of the students related that while the teachers have made themselves available throughout their stay at home, nothing compares to a classroom setting.

Anisa Yunas a parent with a child attending the Auchlyne Primary School, said she was pleasantly surprised with the safeguard measures in place to protect the students and teachers.

“I was a bit sceptical but when we arrived at school and we saw everyone with their masks, standing several feet away and sanitising their hands upon entry into the school compound and the teachers there to make sure everyone complied, I felt comfortable.”news 20200616 2

Additionally, a community health worker was seen at schools checking the temperature of students, teachers and anyone entering the school compound, the exercise will continue on days students are expected to be in school.

Since the announcement that schools will reopen on June 15, to accommodate students writing examinations, the Region Six Department of Education and the Regional Health Services embarked on a massive sanitisation exercise to limit the potential spread of the virus.