One day after a female student of Linden Foundation Secondary school was stabbed in the region of her lower back by another female student of the same school; Minister of Education Dr Nicolette Henry visited the mining town and met with the students and teachers of that institution.

In addition, the Education Minister also visited the Linden Technical Institute (LTI) and Wisburg Secondary school to interface with the school population of these two institutions, which have experienced unacceptable behaviours among the children in the last 24 hours.

Minister Henry, was accompanied by the Ministry of Education’s Chief Schools Welfare Officer, Ms Gillian Vhypius and a team of welfare officers and two of the MoE’s Mobile Psychosocial Units, also present was the Regional Education Officer for Region 10, Mr Rabindra Singh.

Addressing the children at the institutions, Minister Henry said that it was unfortunate that a child was seriously injured and informed the children that “we (MoE) will spare no efforts in dealing with indiscipline and violence in our schools”.

Further, Dr Henry advised the children to seek the assistance of their teachers in situations where conflicts arise and not to resort to fights and violence. Additionally, she said that the MoE has recently met with a number of stakeholders to formulate a holistic strategy to address violence, bullying and other inappropriate behaviours in the school environment.