— Finance Minister tells Leguan residents

— to foster transformational growth in sector

With a staggering $52B already invested in the education sector for this year, Finance Minister, Hon Winston Jordan today said the government will continue to boost the critical sector, as the push for an “educated Guyana” continues.

As part of a wider ministerial outreach to communities in the Essequibo Island-West Demerara Region, Minister Jordan met with residents of Leguan, at the Success Primary School this morning.news 20191118 1

He said the education sector has become one of the focal points of the Coalition Government, particularly that of His Excellency, President David Granger. Minister Jordan said President Granger will go down in history as Guyana’s “Education President.”

“When you have a meeting with him, when he speaks to you, he talks about education and what can we do to lift the standards of education in Guyana.”

The Head of State has been pushing policies for the renewal of the education sector. He recently announced the ‘Decade of Development’ commencing in 2020, where education will see a remarkable transformation, including free education from nursery to university from proceeds of the coming oil wealth.

“Our government, which is spending $52B in education in 2019, is expected to ramp up that amount in the next five years during our second term in office,” Minister Jordan assured residents of the Leguan.news 20191118 3

Although the allocation is the highest to any of the sectors, he said the government recognises that there is still more to be done. Among those are accessing more qualified teachers, bringing more internet services to all classrooms, and re-examining teaching methods.

The Finance Minister said the administration continues to invest in the education as well as other sectors. Increases to teachers salaries in 2018, is one such example. He noted that this year’s salary increases have captured teachers, nurses and members of the disciplined forces- an equal distribution of the good life.

Meanwhile, Minister Jordan again took his message of unity to the community, reiterating that there can be no progress if disunity persists.

He urged all to join hands and hearts together, and examine how all can benefit from the better life on the horizon.