– Pres. Granger reiterates commitment to free education and teacher training

– lab upgraded with support from the Chinese Govt

Teachers-in-training now have a major learning boost as the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) received a $50M Science laboratory upgrade with support from the Chinese Government.

The massive upgrade is expected to cultivate high-performing trained teachers which will significantly boost student outcomes, a priority of the Coalition Government.news 20190927 1

Delivering remarks at today’s handing over ceremony was H.E. President David Granger who continually champions education as the best course for Guyana’s development and again, underscored his commitment to providing free, equitable and quality education for all. The president remarked that ensuring teachers are trained more efficiently will directly impact the quality of education.

“I believe in teachers’ training. I believe that unless teachers are trained properly, students’ education would be substandard. The quality of education in any society is related directly to the quality of its teachers. We will continue to work to provide teachers with the tools that they need to deliver education efficiently.”news 20190927 3

Education Minister, Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry explained that this upgraded lab will bolster teacher’s training and better equip teachers to perform in 21st century classrooms.

“I do not doubt that the equipment, consumables and reagents acquired through this grant will enhance the science capabilities of this Teacher’s Training College to more effectively discharge its mandate,” Minister Henry explained.

She added that “If we intend to develop, we have to start with education.”

The Government of Guyana through the Education Ministry believes in the advancement of education. In this regard, the ministry has been equipping teachers with resources to enable them to deliver 21st century education to students.news 20190927 8

The focus on the 21st century classroom is vital to Guyana’s development, particularly because it focuses heavily on STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which are all industries that propel a country’s development trajectory.

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Guyana, H.E. Cui Jaichun said this project is one year in the making and that the Chinese Government is excited to partner with Guyana to invest in educational advancement.news 20190927 9

“The most important foundation for Guyana is education… China will continue its assistance and support within the capacity for Guyana’s development and stands ready to work with Guyana to upgrade our relationships to a new level,” the Ambassador noted.

China and Guyana have enjoyed a fruitful relationship which has resulted in scores of scholarships and training opportunities. More recently, 20 Guyanese students were awarded scholarships to pursue their undergraduate degrees in China in various fields.

This massive investment into the lives of teachers is a direct investment in the education sector, ensuring a good life for all.news 20190927 10

Since 2015, teachers have received robust increases in allowances and salaries and over 9000 laptops have been provided to teachers nationwide.

Since the Ministry of Education has the largest budgetary allocation this year, Education has seen unprecedented growth and development under the coalition government.